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Inclusion and Diversity : About this Guide / What's New?

A work-in-progress resource for faculty, students, and administrators on creating more inclusive and diverse classrooms.

Recently Added

New to the Gender / LGBTQI Videos tab!

Link to a site called Cancer's Margins from Canada with many videos.

ALSO 5 new ADDITIONAL videos:

  • LGBT health care:  addressing disparities and bias
  • Homeless LGBT youth
  • Culturally Competent LGBT healthcare (50 mins)
  • Chase Joynt, “Resisterectomy” juxtaposes the narrative of trans sex reassignment surgeries with the narrative of cancer surgeries – mastectomy and hysterectomy
  • John Oliver on abortion laws

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About this Guide

This subject guide is a resource for creating more inclusive and diverse practices in healthcare education and, by extension, healthcare itself. 

The articles, books, videos, blogs, and other materials in this collection address disparities in healthcare and healthcare education and in society at large and specific approaches to addressing those disparities and inequities. 

This subject guide includes narratives and other first-person perspectives on healthcare to represent as fully as possible the emotional and psychological as well as ethical and social dimensions of bias, discrimination, and marginalization and to privilege the perspectives of those who seek healthcare. It is a work in progress and requires your input to become more fully representative of groups and issues. 

Please contact the editor, Rebecca Garden, PhD, at to make recommendations for additions to the guide.  Thanks to Research Assistant Kate Ghezzi-Kopel for suggesting this format and for building the structure for this guide.